Thursday, 26 November 2009

Unexpected visitor

At work yesterday (School) I was chatting to a colleague when a flash darted infront of the window and landed on the grass right outside. I totally blanked out what she was saying and literally pushed past her and SHOUTED BIRD . At this point she thought I had lost my marbles but joined me to see who the visitor was. To my delight a Pied Wagtail was quite happily sitting looking up at the window, rather smug as if to say 'Look at me'. I was just telling my friend what it was when a Grey Wagtail joined our little get together. at first I thought it was a Yellow Wagtail but after consulting my bird book today realised it was more than likely a Grey and they surely made my day. They didn't stay long but never the less it was a lovely suprise in a busy school quadrangle.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Lapwings Galore

At Cresswell hide I was greeted by a lovely bunch of Lapwings all resting on the sand banks, It was cold and windy and I was pleased the hide was relatively warm. The picture isn't very good but I did spot some strange birds amongst the Lapwings which left me in two minds as to what they were. In the picture there are 3 birds which I believe to be Knots but as I haven't seen a Knot I could be wrong. I came to the conclusion due to the fact that they had a red tinge and Knots have a red chest in summer. Another thought was Sanderlings but I'm just guessing really. So my uneducated guess is Knot. Of course I could be totally wrong.... as usual any comments welcome.
Other birds on show was Mallard, Goosander (Mike tried to point a couple out but I didn't see them) Curlew, Teal (yippee) Redshank Little Grebe, Moorhen and over 300 geese flew over. A Cormorant was fishing quite close to the hide. On the way to the hide a couple of Goldfinches sang in the trees lining the path which was lovely.

I tried to get a nice shot of a female Stonechat which was perched on the field wall but I didn't manage to get a clear shot. Mike took the reigns and got some cracking photo's. What got me with this little chap is the pale eyebrow and the white under the chin (picture 2). I have seen these birds with the pale streak on the neck before but not so distinct. I think it is a Stonechat neverless due to the peachy orange chest.

We popped down to the beach which was freezing and I have decided to hunt out my woolly hat and thermal gloves, not much on show as there was too many people fishing and walking dogs but a nice flock of Ringed Plovers flew over and
Gulls and Eider Ducks were on the rocks. A lone Pied Wagtail was spotted on the way back to the car. A fab afternoon rounded off with a hot cup of tea. Delightful.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Chaffinch Dilema

Last weekend my hubby and I popped over to Wallington Hall for a quick look at the action from the hide. At first there wasn't much about but as the noise level subsided the birds returned to the feeders. The Coal Tits were the first to appear along with a few Chaffinch. My camera started to play up and I was hoping it would be sorted before they disapeared. I managed to get a few shots of a curious bird which was amongst the Chaffinch and was pleased the photos' came out clear.
The top bird seems to be a Male Chaffinch as everyone knows I'm not to good at getting the I.D
right but I was looking at the wing bar and grey on the neck and am quite sure it is a Chaffinch. But the second bird doesn't seem be the right colour and although there is a wing bar it's more yellow than white, there is no grey to the neck and the wing colour is slightly different. So out came my bird book and I thought at first it was a Brambling, I hear you laugh hahaha . I then realised that Bramblings have dots on the rumps and this doesn't so I was quite stummped for a while. Any help to clear this matter up would be great.... I did think it may be a female Chaffinch but remembered that they are much duller and this is quite a striking little bird. So after many hours looking at my book and comparing photo's my final theory is that it is a young male Chaffinch. My guess could be totally wrong but I had fun trying to figure it out and to watch these birds for a good 1/2 hour was a delight and made for a perfect end to a lovely day.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Alwinton and back again

Yesterday was the Alwinton show and with no kids in tow we made an early start to get some photo's and birding in before heading there for about 12ish. We stopped just shy of Rothbury for Mike to do some faffing about with his camera and I wandered down a lane to see what birds I could see. 3 Robins 2 Geese (flying) and a bunch of Jackdaw was about it. Plenty of bird song which was nice though. We made one more stop on the way just out side of Rothbury where I saw some Phesants in the fileld.

After the show which was good by the way we headed back to Morpeth the long way down small back roads which was a really nice drive. I was jumping about the car when we passed a field with Pheasants and little odd birds, I shouted to stop and turn around which paid dividends in the end. My first guess at the odd birds was Grouse or some game bird and I was pointing at them dotted around the field for Mike to try and get a picture, but these birds were very skittish and were off like a shot, legs going 50 to the dozen. I still didn't know what it was till I got home and zoomed in on the pictures and I can safely say it's a tick for me... a Red Legged Partridge.. A delightful little bird. Still on a high we continued our drive and just outside of Elsdon we saw a Buzzard, unfortunately it was right in the sun so no good photo's unfortunately.

We passed a couple of fields where 3-4 Kestrels were hunting, of course we stopped the car and had a go at getting a photo or two but they were quite high or in the sun so it proved quite difficult, we finally managed to get a decent enough one to post, this bird was successful and flew away with it's lunch.
Near to Hartburn there is a lake and Mike was off faffing about again and I got out my binoculars. Now at this point you must be aware that I have a very real fear of cows..they always seem to want to charge at me..anyway in the field between the lake and the car there was a group of vicious cows so bearing in mind I didn't want to get too close to the fence I started scanning the lake for anything interesting. To my delight I spotted some Whooper Swans and another tick for me, I know they are not rare or anything but for me to be able to tell them apart from the other swans was a bit of a thrill. 3 were quite happy swimming about the reeds and doing what swans do. Also on the lake were Mute Swans Coot and Mallards. As I scanned back down the lake I got the shock of my life when a cows head appeared in the binoculars, I must admit I did scream and of course I have had the micky taken out of me for scaring myself. All in all a wonderful day with 2 ticks and fish and Chips for tea.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Birding at Last

Today saw hubby and I have a couple of hours birding....YIPEE it's been ages so we headed off to see if the Ibis was still around at Druridge. It was a bit colder today so armed with scarf, gloves and hat just incase we started off by visiting Cresswell pond. We saw a lovely group of about 40 Lapwing resting in the shallows next to the hide and a Little Grebe was swimming infront of us which was nice. My first Teal of the season was lovely to see with the juvenile males starting to get their green streaks on their heads, Teals are one of my favourite ducks and I really wanted to see one today so Yipee.

Curlew's and Cormorants were on the far bank along with some Mallards. A lone Heron was spotted and a Canada Goose was seen swimming along the far bank. A large flock of Geese popped down in the field but was too far way to identify someone said they were Pink Footed Geese as they were in the area.
We headed down to Druridge and was really lucky to see the Ibis, at first in the distance then it flew right infront of the hide and showed really well. Luckily we had the camera and got a cracking shot. The hide was full of scopes and cameras and we had an unobstructed view of this magnificent bird which was a real treat and such a thrill.
There was a few Cormorants dotted here and there fishing and I spotted some Gadwall in the distance. I saw a couple of female Tufted ducks and a family of Mute swans with a cygnet. To my delight a couple of Greenshanks paid us a visit and pecked right in front of the hide. The hide today was buzzing with excitement and when a bird I hadn't seen before landed right infront of me I was ecstatic. After asking a fellow birder what it was I am pleased to announce it was a Grey Plover. I didn't even have a clue as to what it was and was delighted I had my camera and bird book to get a good look at it. What a fabulous afternoon with 2 ticks (Glossy Ibis and Grey Plover) what more could I have asked for on my birthday although my new scarf was desperately needed I am pleased to announce the winter hat and gloves can be saved for a much colder day, maybe winter is a few weeks away yet....

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Cresswell Surprise

We popped down to Cresswell tonight for a quick walk along the beach which turned out to be a fabulous night for bird watching. I didn't expect to see a great deal so I had left my camera at home but armed with my binoculars we set off. The evening was extremely pleasant and I soon spotted some Ringed Plovers by the waters edge and some Oyster Catchers further along. The Terns were in abundance and although I'm not too good at spotting the difference between Arctic and Common I'm sure there was some Sandwich terns with the black beaks amongst the group.
Not long into the walk we spotted a dark bird with a white flash on under side of wings and also the tail feathers had a some long pretruding feathers, but what caught my attention was that it was chasing other birds, out came my bird book and I safely identified a Skua. The guide suggested it would be an Arctic Skua as these apparently are the most common on our coast but I was just delighted to get a tick. It came by a few times and the Terns gave back as much as they were given, the arial display was marvelous as it was trying to rob other birds of their catch. It was very exciting and a first for me.
Off the coast there was a large number of Eider Ducks bobbing on the calm sea along with a couple of Cormorants. A few Swallows were spotted swooping along the shore and it was lovely to see 5 Curlew fly by.
Mike was just about screaming at me for the binoculars when he spotted a Gannet just off the shore and to our delight he was right, the long pointed wings and white body with black wing tips was unmistakable. It is a stately bird with a grace and power that just makes you stare. We saw it dive a couple of times and it was spectacular. We saw Gannets when we visited the Farne Islands but they were quite far away from our boat so to see one this close was great.
There was plenty of Gulls dotted about and some juvenile Black Headed Gulls were identified but just as we were about to leave 2 Heron passed us heading out to sea, and then quicky turned back to shore, Mike suggested the birds were a pair and he commented that the female bird had took the wrong turn at the beach and the male bird was saying...'I told you to turn left at the water, but you didn't listen' hehehe
A fabulous evening for bird watching and a tick...what more could you ask for... I didn't even complain when the rain started.

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Last weekend I popped down to Newbiggin to see what was on the rocks at low tide. Lots of Gulls were spending time resting and Black Headed Gulls and a few Black Backed Gulls were spotted. Just off the shore a couple of Cormorants were fishing and a family of Eider Ducks were spotted resting on the rocks. Amongst the Eider Ducks I spotted something I couldn't identify and thought I would post a photo. It was far out and the picture isn't that good but I can confirm it had an orange head with a pale grey or white chest and grey back. I can't even guess what this duck is but it was with the Eider Ducks. Any suggestions welcome.
I was really pleased to see a large flock of Dunlin dotted around the rocks and shore line. I personally love these birds and they looked stunning in their summer plumage. It was a challenge to get a decent shot as they were quite camera shy. I perservered and managed to get a couple worth posting.

Other sightings were Oystercatcher, Redshank and Curlew. Everytime I go to Newbiggin I spot a Seal and was delighted when I saw it around the corner from Church Point, it obviously likes it here and yet again Lesser spotted teenager missed it.....

While peering through my binoculars I saw what I think was a Sandpiper but it was on the far rocks and I am probably wrong it was a shame it didn't come closer. Quite a few people were out and about and what I really could of done with was a nice quiet afternoon birdwatching...alas not to be, barking dogs and yelling kids don't make a good birdwatching environment.

I was really pleased to see Turnstones and Ringed Plovers dotted here and there and luckily enough to get a decent shot. The Turnstones were still looking lovely with their copper backs and stunning black and white heads and chest a really nice bird. Despite the annoying people and yappy dogs it was a nice afteroon and amazing what you can see if you sit and wait, at first glance you see Gulls but a closer look reaveals some stunning birds, I am soo pleased I bought a decent pair of binoculars.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Flying Nightmare

We decided to visit Dunstanburgh Castle today and try and get a glimpse of some interesting birds along the way. We walked along the beach from Embleton and spotted what I think is a female Wheatear, also the second photo shows what I think is a young Stonechat. Mike seems to think it is also a Wheatear, if anyone can clear this up then please leave a comment. I don't mind being wrong as I often am.

Other interesting things along the way included Cormorant fishing off the shore, Turnstones on the exposed rocks and a couple of Oystercachers. As we headed further towards the castle it became apparent Kittiwakes were still resident. I really like these birds and I decided to try and get a shot of one flying.......what a nightmare. On the cliffs I was poised with camera in hand as they flew past quite close and I must of shot over 30 or so of them hoping to get a decent one to post. The best one is below along with a Fulmar family which were perched a bit higher up the cliff.

I was wondering why Mike wasn't taking any of his 'Faffy shots' he kept saying the lights not right. As I don't know alot about camera lighting and stuff I just shrugged and took some more shots of the Kittiwakes I soon found out what he was on about when I got back and downloaded my photo's, the white birds and a bright sunny day do not mix. A lot of the photo's were' burnt out' another technical term for 'too bright'. Anyway a good day out and some cracking birds.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Inverness delight

I have just returned from a weeks fabulous holiday in Inverness where I have seen some wonderful things.

Ticks included Red Kite - wow what a fab bird, we were north of Inverness on the way to the West Coast when this wonderful bird was spotted over a farmers field. An emergency stop was in order and out came the binoculrs. Two were seen in the distance and one close up, what a treat and a special tick.

Then came the Whinchat - same day as the Redkite, Mike stopped for some photos and Lesser spotted teenager and I kept out of the gale force wind in the car when this delightful bird perched for quite a while on the fence post, lots of searching through my bird guide but a definate tick.
Next came Hooded Crow - Mike saw them quite a few times at the side of the road and I missed them most times but finally got a glimpse.

Next we stopped off at the Osprey centre near Aviemore and saw this years chicks which was a real treat. I did see one at Spey Bay east of Inverness which was getting mobbed by the resident gulls and had no idea there was cameras and birders watching a fabulous agility display.

As we were going home there was a field with 6 or so Whimbrel, definately not Curlew and a nice end to a lovely holiday. Instant tick and a sense of pride knowing the difference.

We had a super time and as usual we stopped by Chanory Point to see some Dolphin action and we were not disapointed. check out the photo. Will try and get a few bird pictures sorted soon from my visit to Dunrobin Castle falcony centre where my favorite was the Golden Eagle, what a magnificent bird, just a shame I didn't see it in the wild.

Sunday, 12 July 2009


A few weeks ago I banged on a tree with a screwdriver trying to attract a Woodpecker, Yipee for Wallington Hall as I have seen one and I didn't even have to bang on a tree. From the hide this Great Spotted Wodpecker was seen quite a few times which was a delight. Also on show was Chaffinch, Great Tit, Robin, Blue Tit, Greenfinch, Nuthatch and Dunnock. The feeders were full of birds which was lovely. Below are just a few of the many snpshots taken from the hide.

It was a challenge to get the Nuthatch on camera as it was darting about quite a bit. Also to our surprise a Jay made a couple of apperances and posed for a shot. We wandered around the grounds and saw a lovely Moorhen with her chick, despite it being a similar size as the adult it didn't have the coordination, we watched it trying to it's balance on a submerged log which was really funny. The mother watched for a few minutes then swam away probably embarrased to be seen with it. A good day out with the Woodpecker and Jay as ticks.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Farne Island 2

I thought I would post a few more photos from the Farne Islands and Seahouses.

We stumbled across a few Eider ducks with chicks, these quite odd looking ducks were happily feeding in the shallows of the harbour and let us get quite close which was nice. Lesser spotted teenager got some good video footage which seemed to make her day.

We were attacked by many Arctic Terns throughout the day who were protecting their chicks and eggs, but I think my favourite Tern is the Sandwich Tern. They were nesting in the middle of the island and seemed much more aloof than the Arctic variety. I didn't manage to get a clear photo but we will be going back again so that will be my mission for the day.

I tried on several occasions to get a good photo of the shag chicks feeding and this one just shows how hungry the little blighters were, and the parents were sometimes feeding 3 or 4 chicks. There was one nesting right next to the path with a chick only a few hours old which was a real treat. I think these are Shags?
Other treats for the day included the seals which were everywhere and the boat got really closAdd Imagee to these wonderful creatures.

Just to prove the 'bottom' was a Puffin I have published the original photo. I can't help laughing at these little birds, apparenly the wardens find chicks in the toilets and church as they sometimes get lost when they leave the burrow, they must be in line for the sweetest adorable birds ever.

We have been over to Cresswell a couple of times this week but alas no Barn Owl or Spoonbill. Plenty of activity on the pond with Heron and Dunlin, Redshank and Common Sandpipers which was nice. I will probably cram some more birding in this weekend, weather being ok that is. ahh you are thinking that I am a fair weather birder and actually you may be right.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Farne Island 1

Thank you for taking part in 'Name that Bot' from my last entry..the answer is a Puffin, well done big yin for getting it right.

The picture was taken at the Farne Islands last Saturday and after sifting through over 800 shots the one of the behind took my eye. What a fabulous day out and spectacular scenery with some wonderful birds. Below are just a few of my favourite photos.
We saw some fascinating behaviour and a show of acrobatics from the Arctic Terns, these very protective birds were nesting alongside the path and pecked us on the head, just as well we were advised to wear hats. The many Puffins were showing a great deal of skill catching Sandeels and the Kittiwake chicks were a delight.

Other sightings included Razorbill, Shag, Cormorant, Guilliemot, Eider Duck, Black Headed Gulls, Sandwich Terns, Common Terns, Fulmar, Black Backed Gulls, Wagtail (possibly Pied) and to Mikes delight there was some Gannets spotted from the boat.

It was a really good day out and I would highly recommend going, Billy Shields boat trip was very informative pointing out the different birds which was helpful to a novice like me. The wardens on the islands were always on hand to give you information on the birds and I found them friendly and helpful.
I will be posting some more of the photos soon once I have finished looking at them all, the highlight of the day for me was the Puffins. A close second must be the Kittiwakes....I have taken quite a shine to these birds that I once overlooked with their pure white feathers are just stunning.
A memorable day out even for the lesser spotted teenager who hardly whinged all day, no doubt we'll go back very soon.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Quiz - How well do you know birds?

Whilst sifting through my many photographs today from a recent birding trip I came across this odd photo....What on earth did I see to warrant a photo?

I could say Mike took this one.... or the other birds were out of focus but I think I took it and it is of what it is ....a birds backside.

How well do you know your birds? what species is this?

Comments welcome with any guesses you wish to make. I will let you know the answer in my next bog after I have finished sifting through the 800 photo's taken in one day.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Hungry House Sparrow,

Sitting in the garden a few nights ago after a nasty bout of a sickness bug I was visited by a load of hungry House Sparrows. There was a lovely family group and after a few photo's I managed to get a decent shot using my new lens. Blackbirds and Starling soon descended to spoil the party.

Mike and I popped over to Cresswell last night and spotted the Goosander that has been seen a for a few days and a tick for me. Redshanks, Lapwing, Heron, Shelduck, Cormorant and Black Headed gulls were all seen on the pond. To my surprise I counted 14 Curlew on or about the pond which was nice to see. I did have a bit of a dilemna as the light was fading I spotted what looked like Teal, has anyone seen Teal at Cresswell this week?, there was 4 or 5. I did manage to get this cracking shot of the Curlew which I am very pleased with, as you can see the light wasn't very good.

Mike, me and lesser spotted teenager are all kitted up and packed for the Farne Islands full day boat and Island tour tomorrow so I am really excited. One of my missions is to see Puffins so with some luck I will get some nice photo's.
Watch this space......

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Success 'Yipee'

Cresswell and Druridge beckoned us yesterday afternoon and we were greeted by a very loud Lapwing squawking and flying around the small pond outside the farm at Cresswell. We decided to plonk our butts down on the wall and sit and wait for something to come to us and we were not disappointed. Sandmartins and swallows were doing a very nice acrobatic display over the pond and plenty of Pipits showed well and we got a canny shot with my camera. (see photo on right of blog) We were only sitting for a few minutes or so when the Barn owl flew over and perched on a fence post at the far side of the pond. What a magnificent bird and although the shots doesn't do it justice it was fabulous to see. We have looked many a time for and it to be about and it was worth the wait.....On the way to the hide a very friendly birder had spotted some Sedge warblers and Reed Buntings so I got my bird book out so I would know what I was looking for. We were not disappointed, as soon as we got settled in the hide a very noisy male Reed Bunting made it's presence known. On the pond there was plenty of Heron Feeding and a few Oystercatchers and Mute Swans were close to the hide. On the far banks Cormorants and Shellduck were catching the evening sunshine. An Arctic Tern was displaying it's fishing skills very successfully and just before we left the hide a Coot paddled past. On the way back to the car we spotted the Sedge Warbler but we didn't get a photo unfortunately but we did get a lovely shot of a couple of Stonechats which hung around on the fence posts for quite a white. We headed off down to Druridge for some photo's of the sunset and after a mistaken identity of a bucket being a bird we found a deserted beach. I was looking out to sea for some birds when I saw a fin.....yes a fin just off the beach. Me being a dolphin fan ran down the dune screaming like a banshee, binoculars in hand. Mike was yelling at me to get my camera out but I was all fingers and thumbs and left the photographing for him. There was a pod moving up and down the beach and another one further out, I did see one breach out of the water but was unable to get a shot. I have always gone to Scotland to view Bottlenose Dolphins and to see a pod so close in was a real delight. It's shame my daughter wasn't with us as she sponsors a dolphin at the Moray Firth.

A great afternoon with 2 ticks and dolphins.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bang on a Tree!

Acording to Simon King if you bang on a tree in rapid succession a Woodpecker will reply to your banging..............................

Last night I looked a right 'Tit' in Bothal Woods when I decided to get a screwdriver out of the camera bag and bang on a tree. You may be wondering why I had a screw driver in the camera bag, well apparently Mike uses it to tighten something on his tri-pod....anyway back to being a 'tit'..I thought I would try and be Simon King and attract a Woodpecker by banging on a tree but although I tried several trees nothing other than a startled Black Bird replied.
Never a one to give up easily we wondered down to the river and had another go, several fishermen passed by and must of thought I was a bit odd, but I tried again and again to no avail. Mike did his best to blend into the foliage by wearing green and even managed to get mud on his back side when he fell down a bank to get the camouflage look 'very funny', but to my disgust he suggested my pink / pinkish coat might not of been the best outfit to wear and said it would scare off any bird in the vacinity. 'Cheeky begger'
Never mind I am sure I will see one some day.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Buzzing with Flies

After reading Dusty Bins Blog about Castle Island, Mike and I thought we would check it out last night. As it happens it's only about 5 mins drive from my house and I just didn't realise this lovely place existed. First sighting out of the car was a couple of Greenfinch which were squabbling and chasing each other, as we headed down to the river I discovered the recent rain storm had brought all the flies out. My goodness there was flies everywhere, just as well lesser spotted teenager was at home as she would've been freaked out by the numbers flying about and any chance of seeing birds would've soon disappeared.

At the river we saw Canada Geese, Mute swans and Tufted Ducks. A Heron was fishing near the bank and we spotted a few Coot and a Greylag Goose. On the Island there was many gulls of all shapes and sizes along with quite a few immature Cormorants drying their wings, an adult was fishing down river. I did see some Black Headed Gulls but I'm not a gull expert so the others would've been a guess. Many Shelduck were spotted about the river and on the island which was nice and a Lapwing and Redshank were on the far bank. We headed up river a bit so Mike could do some 'faffing about' with his camera while I sat a on a bench. Loads of bird song could be heard and to my delight a Dunnock perched on a near by bush. I was disapointed not to get a good photo but I was soon cheered up by a strange bird that I hadn't seen before. Mike was back from his photo shoot and I immediately started to sound like a blabbering idiot whilst pointing at a nearby tree. He got the message and headed off to take a photo. I searched my bird guide and have come up with a Lesser Whitethroat? A definite tick for me and a treat to get such a good photo. you can see the many flies that were buzzing about. As we headed back to the car the Swallows and Martin showed really well doing their aerial acrobatics no doubt feasting on the many flies about.
A good couple of hours and amazing to think it's just a few minutes away from my house.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hare Day

Early evening on Saturday Mike and I popped down to Cresswell and Druridge for a wander, armed with binoculars and cameras we headed down to the budge screen. First spot of the day was a Hare and a first ever for me so a real treat. A couple of Pheasants were showing well and upsetting a Lapwing which made her presence known by dive bombing one of them. Not much of the pond left with the dry weather but a Heron was happy fishing along with a couple of Coot. On the far bank a family of Greylag Geece with Goslings were showing quite well. Plenty of Martins and Swallows dashing about feeding on the many midges above the pond.

Next we headed down to the Hide at Druridge, again not much left of the pond on the left of the path but a couple of Lapwing chicks were visable on the far side long side an adult. Out in the open an adult lapwing was sitting tight on a nest and looked quite happy to watch the world go by. Other sightings included a a Pied Wagtail and a Ringed Plover. On the other pond I was hoping to spot one of the otters but no such luck today, again not much to report apart from a cracking shot of a Mute Swan. There was a female Mallard and 3 chicks right in front of the hide but the light was fading and the photo wasn't that good. While it was still light we headed down to the beach to get a few wave and dune shots for Mikes Flickr site but unfortunately the new camera has a fault and will need to be returned but never mind I got a shot of what I think is a Meadow Pipit perched on a fence post, let me know if I'm wrong about this one as I don't take offence as I am quite often wrong. The light wasn't the best for good photo's but we saw a cracking sunset and after a really nice stroll we headed back to pick up my lesser spotted teenager from her friends.
All in all a lovely stroll