Sunday, 12 July 2009


A few weeks ago I banged on a tree with a screwdriver trying to attract a Woodpecker, Yipee for Wallington Hall as I have seen one and I didn't even have to bang on a tree. From the hide this Great Spotted Wodpecker was seen quite a few times which was a delight. Also on show was Chaffinch, Great Tit, Robin, Blue Tit, Greenfinch, Nuthatch and Dunnock. The feeders were full of birds which was lovely. Below are just a few of the many snpshots taken from the hide.

It was a challenge to get the Nuthatch on camera as it was darting about quite a bit. Also to our surprise a Jay made a couple of apperances and posed for a shot. We wandered around the grounds and saw a lovely Moorhen with her chick, despite it being a similar size as the adult it didn't have the coordination, we watched it trying to it's balance on a submerged log which was really funny. The mother watched for a few minutes then swam away probably embarrased to be seen with it. A good day out with the Woodpecker and Jay as ticks.


  1. And lovely ticks they are too...Its a great spot Wallington, best in early April I think....

  2. That's a lovely picture of the Jay. Hope to see one when I visit again.

  3. I was there last week ,no Jay for me ,I find them hard to photograph in Northumberland ,nice shot !!