Friday, 3 July 2009

Farne Island 2

I thought I would post a few more photos from the Farne Islands and Seahouses.

We stumbled across a few Eider ducks with chicks, these quite odd looking ducks were happily feeding in the shallows of the harbour and let us get quite close which was nice. Lesser spotted teenager got some good video footage which seemed to make her day.

We were attacked by many Arctic Terns throughout the day who were protecting their chicks and eggs, but I think my favourite Tern is the Sandwich Tern. They were nesting in the middle of the island and seemed much more aloof than the Arctic variety. I didn't manage to get a clear photo but we will be going back again so that will be my mission for the day.

I tried on several occasions to get a good photo of the shag chicks feeding and this one just shows how hungry the little blighters were, and the parents were sometimes feeding 3 or 4 chicks. There was one nesting right next to the path with a chick only a few hours old which was a real treat. I think these are Shags?
Other treats for the day included the seals which were everywhere and the boat got really closAdd Imagee to these wonderful creatures.

Just to prove the 'bottom' was a Puffin I have published the original photo. I can't help laughing at these little birds, apparenly the wardens find chicks in the toilets and church as they sometimes get lost when they leave the burrow, they must be in line for the sweetest adorable birds ever.

We have been over to Cresswell a couple of times this week but alas no Barn Owl or Spoonbill. Plenty of activity on the pond with Heron and Dunlin, Redshank and Common Sandpipers which was nice. I will probably cram some more birding in this weekend, weather being ok that is. ahh you are thinking that I am a fair weather birder and actually you may be right.

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