Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hare Day

Early evening on Saturday Mike and I popped down to Cresswell and Druridge for a wander, armed with binoculars and cameras we headed down to the budge screen. First spot of the day was a Hare and a first ever for me so a real treat. A couple of Pheasants were showing well and upsetting a Lapwing which made her presence known by dive bombing one of them. Not much of the pond left with the dry weather but a Heron was happy fishing along with a couple of Coot. On the far bank a family of Greylag Geece with Goslings were showing quite well. Plenty of Martins and Swallows dashing about feeding on the many midges above the pond.

Next we headed down to the Hide at Druridge, again not much left of the pond on the left of the path but a couple of Lapwing chicks were visable on the far side long side an adult. Out in the open an adult lapwing was sitting tight on a nest and looked quite happy to watch the world go by. Other sightings included a a Pied Wagtail and a Ringed Plover. On the other pond I was hoping to spot one of the otters but no such luck today, again not much to report apart from a cracking shot of a Mute Swan. There was a female Mallard and 3 chicks right in front of the hide but the light was fading and the photo wasn't that good. While it was still light we headed down to the beach to get a few wave and dune shots for Mikes Flickr site but unfortunately the new camera has a fault and will need to be returned but never mind I got a shot of what I think is a Meadow Pipit perched on a fence post, let me know if I'm wrong about this one as I don't take offence as I am quite often wrong. The light wasn't the best for good photo's but we saw a cracking sunset and after a really nice stroll we headed back to pick up my lesser spotted teenager from her friends.
All in all a lovely stroll

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