Thursday, 6 August 2009

Inverness delight

I have just returned from a weeks fabulous holiday in Inverness where I have seen some wonderful things.

Ticks included Red Kite - wow what a fab bird, we were north of Inverness on the way to the West Coast when this wonderful bird was spotted over a farmers field. An emergency stop was in order and out came the binoculrs. Two were seen in the distance and one close up, what a treat and a special tick.

Then came the Whinchat - same day as the Redkite, Mike stopped for some photos and Lesser spotted teenager and I kept out of the gale force wind in the car when this delightful bird perched for quite a while on the fence post, lots of searching through my bird guide but a definate tick.
Next came Hooded Crow - Mike saw them quite a few times at the side of the road and I missed them most times but finally got a glimpse.

Next we stopped off at the Osprey centre near Aviemore and saw this years chicks which was a real treat. I did see one at Spey Bay east of Inverness which was getting mobbed by the resident gulls and had no idea there was cameras and birders watching a fabulous agility display.

As we were going home there was a field with 6 or so Whimbrel, definately not Curlew and a nice end to a lovely holiday. Instant tick and a sense of pride knowing the difference.

We had a super time and as usual we stopped by Chanory Point to see some Dolphin action and we were not disapointed. check out the photo. Will try and get a few bird pictures sorted soon from my visit to Dunrobin Castle falcony centre where my favorite was the Golden Eagle, what a magnificent bird, just a shame I didn't see it in the wild.


  1. Cracking Dolphin shot, Bottle Nosed I think but I can't emlarge the picture.

  2. you are right Alan, there is about 40 Bottle Nosed dolphins in the Moray Firth, my daughter Ellen (lesser spotted teenger)adopts an adult female called Rainbow. We have been 3 times to see them and have lots of shots like the photo

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