Saturday, 8 August 2009

Flying Nightmare

We decided to visit Dunstanburgh Castle today and try and get a glimpse of some interesting birds along the way. We walked along the beach from Embleton and spotted what I think is a female Wheatear, also the second photo shows what I think is a young Stonechat. Mike seems to think it is also a Wheatear, if anyone can clear this up then please leave a comment. I don't mind being wrong as I often am.

Other interesting things along the way included Cormorant fishing off the shore, Turnstones on the exposed rocks and a couple of Oystercachers. As we headed further towards the castle it became apparent Kittiwakes were still resident. I really like these birds and I decided to try and get a shot of one flying.......what a nightmare. On the cliffs I was poised with camera in hand as they flew past quite close and I must of shot over 30 or so of them hoping to get a decent one to post. The best one is below along with a Fulmar family which were perched a bit higher up the cliff.

I was wondering why Mike wasn't taking any of his 'Faffy shots' he kept saying the lights not right. As I don't know alot about camera lighting and stuff I just shrugged and took some more shots of the Kittiwakes I soon found out what he was on about when I got back and downloaded my photo's, the white birds and a bright sunny day do not mix. A lot of the photo's were' burnt out' another technical term for 'too bright'. Anyway a good day out and some cracking birds.


  1. Just keep trying with the in flight shots, and you will find you get a better ratio as time goes on.I get best results with both eyes open, one through the viewfinder and the other on the subject but it takes a bit of getting used to.

  2. Yep the point goes to you, it is a Stonechat moulting into its first winter plumage.