Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bang on a Tree!

Acording to Simon King if you bang on a tree in rapid succession a Woodpecker will reply to your banging..............................

Last night I looked a right 'Tit' in Bothal Woods when I decided to get a screwdriver out of the camera bag and bang on a tree. You may be wondering why I had a screw driver in the camera bag, well apparently Mike uses it to tighten something on his tri-pod....anyway back to being a 'tit'..I thought I would try and be Simon King and attract a Woodpecker by banging on a tree but although I tried several trees nothing other than a startled Black Bird replied.
Never a one to give up easily we wondered down to the river and had another go, several fishermen passed by and must of thought I was a bit odd, but I tried again and again to no avail. Mike did his best to blend into the foliage by wearing green and even managed to get mud on his back side when he fell down a bank to get the camouflage look 'very funny', but to my disgust he suggested my pink / pinkish coat might not of been the best outfit to wear and said it would scare off any bird in the vacinity. 'Cheeky begger'
Never mind I am sure I will see one some day.


  1. Michelle, the tapping only works from about late Feb - late April when the birds are strongly territorial. Try then and you'll get a response if you are in a territory...

  2. Hmm I guess thats why I didn't get a reply
    'Plonker yet again'