Friday, 5 June 2009

Humble Blackbird

I was testing out my new lens this evening when this lovely Blackbird stopped by for a quick snack from the lawn. He drops in quite a lot and has often nested in my neighbours garden. Lets hope he has been sucessful this year rearing lots of chicks. He has a few paler feathers near his wing which makes him stand out.

Humble.....I don't think so, a cracking bird.


  1. The odd white feather is a condition call leucism that effects a small number of individuals in many species. There is a particularly striking partially leucistic male Blackbird in Carlisle Park in Morpeth with a full single tail white tail feather and a white eyebrow.

  2. Sorry about overlooking your question on my posting re holiday in Mull- I've just spotted it.
    We stayed in Tobermory at but if you send an email to I could provide a bit more info.