Thursday, 4 June 2009

A couple of photo's

Thought I would post a couple more of Mike's photo's from his recent trip to Howick Scar and surrounding area. This is a cracking shot of a Male Stonechat, apparently they were bobbing about all over the place and it was hard to choose the best one as they were all good. I now know this is a female Stonechat which blends into the foliage really well.
Thanks Stuart for the identification of this one. At the beach the Turnstones were very obliging and posed for loads of photo's and their summer plumge is outstanding. I remember photographing some at Newbiggin during the winter and wow what a transformation they are stunning in summer with the chestnut upperparts.
My new binoculars will be getting a good airing this weekend as we are dropping lesser spotted teenager off at Ellington and we will be heading to the coast for some spotting, hopefully the bigger lens for our camera will arrive tomorrow so identification should become easier. Anyway if I get it wrong you lot will just put me right thank goodness for friendly like minded people.

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