Thursday, 7 October 2010

Smitten by a Bittern

I had 45 minutes free time this afternoon and I raced like the wind down to Cresswell to try and take a snapshot of the little bird I saw at the weekend. No such luck today, but I did spot 1/2 dozen Goldfinches buzzing around the bushes which was nice.

I headed to the hide to and was astounded to see a Bittern just outside the hide. (Tick number 1) The 2 gentlemen who were in the hide were looking through scopes and all sorts of equipment but not towards the Bittern. I said ' is that a Bittern?' and all hell let loose with camera and equipment being re-directed. They hadn't spotted it....... the bird didn't fancy it's photo taken and flew off. I did salvage a couple of in flight shots but was annoyed at myself for saying anything before I got a good photo. I know next time. It was standing head pointing towards the sky and the streaks on its neck were visable as well as the black cap. Fabulous and I have read that they are rare so a nice tick for me.

My favorite ducks were in abundance and a few swam close enough for a snapshot.

To my astonishment tick number 2 came along....Snipe... Just sitting there very peaceful. This is what the 2 gentlemen had been watching. The long bill gave it away and I pretty much new what they were before consulting my book. Wow I must be improving.

It was a great 45 minutes and really cheered me up. Other birds spotted today were Lapwings, Canada Geese and on the way back to the car I am sure I spotted a Wheatear on the wall.


  1. Hiya, you will see a lot more snipe before you see your second Bittern! Good luck and a great bird to find yourself...


  2. Pleased to hear that you learned your lesson. When you find something special.........DON'T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF IT until your happy you've got your image or whatever, then you can tell everyone and take the plaudits. A cracking find ( especially when you were the only one who spotted it)
    Well done.

  3. Thanks for all your comments, I'm over the moon with this spot, took my breath away

  4. A Bittern! I'm so jealous, what a great sighting. Linda