Monday, 4 October 2010

Cresswell Pond

It was nearing sunset when Hubby and I arrived at Cresswell pond to be met by 1/2 dozen Little Grebe swimming just infront of the hide, what a delight. With the light fading we scanned the pond and spotted Tuffted Duck, Canada Geese, Coot, Moorhen and Malards all within ID range. Amongst the geese I spotted what I think was a Greylag, couldn't see any more of the same kind to give a positive ID. Lapwings were in abundance and very noisy showing anything coming close who was boss, they were mostly on the left hand bank. A Heron flew in and landed near the rushes and whilst I was scanning the area I spotted some lovely Teal, so a real delight as they are my favourite duck.

On the way back to the car along the path, there was a bird I have seen before in the bushes but have not had a possitive ID. I have seen many Reed Buntings at Cresswell and this little bird has a Pale stripe above the eye but I don't think it was a female Reed Bunting. My guess is a Sedge Warbler but the camera was in my bag and after consulting my bird book it says they are only summer visitors to the North East so it remains a mystery. I think it could be some sort of Warbler???????

If any of you experienced birders are at Cresswell please let me know if you see the little bird in the bushes. It has a pale eyebrow and about the size of a sparrow, it's a long shot I know.

We headed to the beach and the tide was out allowing hundrends of Oyster Catchers to scour the rocks. Redshank and a variety of Gulls were all in abundance. I did see what I thought was a few Black Tailed Godwits amongst the Oystercatchers at the waters edge, They definately had a buff colour to the neck and chest. I was very excited at the prospect of a tick but after consulting my trusty bird book I came to the conclusion they were most probably Bar Tailed Godwits and maybe a juveniles, still a nice sighting.

All in all no photo opportunities but a cracking hour out of the house.

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