Saturday, 2 October 2010

Garden Update

Thought I would sit at the window with my bins yesterday and was surprised to see a Coaltit visit the feeders, A bit unusual for our garden. Lots of House Sparrows bobbing about along with the two Wood Pigeons that seem to be in the garden on a daiyly basis. No Starlings today but plenty of Bluetits and a lovely Dunnock popped in to say hello. The House Martins are still in the street but the numbers have started to dwindle these past few weeks. I didn't see any Blackbirds today at the feeders which was a bit unusual as well.

Below are another set of photos I came across from our trips out this summer, Some better than others.
I think this is a redshank? The image in my book doesn't show the stripes on the belly and rump quite so clear as this. I tend to think of any bird with Red legs to be a Redshank so I may be wrong.

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