Monday, 18 October 2010

Purple Sandpiper ????

Hubby and I popped down to Cresswell late on Saturday night to catch the sunset and amongst the Redshank on the rocks was this dumpy little bird (pictured below) There was several dotted about and after consulting my bird book I think it is a Purple Sandpiper ? They apparently can be seen on the North East coast during the winter and it's a fabulous ID and tick for me so well worth standing in the cold wind for an hour or so.

Another one of my Favourite shore birds were in abundance but tricky to spot without my binoculars... Ringed Plover, not rare I know but a delight to watch. Its amazing how these little birds can stand the cold temperatures of the North East Coast.

Lots of Gulls were on the rocks along with Oystercatcher, a few Cormorants were off in the distance.
I was really on the look out for Turnstones amongst the seaweed and rocks but none were to be found. Cold and Shivery with a slight headache (must remember my hat) we headed back to the car where a number of Goldfinches were spotted on the bushes. This little critter stopped for a photo and I did originally think it could be something exotic for me like a Redwing or Stonechat but after downloading the images I think its a Sparrow, Nice all the same. Cracking hour out and about but a cup of tea was beckoning.


  1. The good news or the better news Michelle, the good news is that is Purple Sandpiper, even better your final image is indeed a Stonechat.

  2. Wow I was pretty sure about the Purple Sandpiper but to have a Stonechat as well, Thats just cracking news
    Thanks Alan