Friday, 1 October 2010

Newbiggin at Sun Set

My Hubby and I popped down to Needles Eye at Newbiggin by the Sea last night at about 6.30 for some relaxing birding and photos. The light faded really quick but we did spot some nice Robins squabbling on the fence and some Gulls flying past. Mike got wet as usual taking some cracking photos (see below) and I got myself settled with the binoculars handy. I didn't have to wait long to see some Cormorants fly past and to my absolute delight a Gannet flew really close to the rocks which made my day. I didn't have the camera handy which was a real shame but I think these birds are a real delight, The black wing tips and yellow tinge to the head was clearly visable, a very powerful and stately bird and after such a long time recuperating it was a nice surprise to see one so close.