Friday, 10 April 2009

Wednesday's walk

We decided to burn some calories on Wednesday after tea, and headed down to the QE11 Country Park for a walk around the lake. As soon as we got there we spotted a pair of Great
Crested Grebes bobbing about near the reeds. My daughter and I stood for quite a while watching them whilst my husband was trying his best to get a good photo. This is a tick for me so I was thrilled and we all enjoyed watcing them. It was a bit nippy so we headed off around the lake where we saw a few Coots and Moorhens along with the resident Mute Swans. Near the fishing areas that have just been finished there was a few Tufted Ducks and Mallards, I saw what I think was a few Golden Eyes bobbing about asleep so not a definate on that one. In the woods we saw a few Chaffinch, Rooks, Great Tit and a Wren. There was plenty of birds singing but just not showing themselves. We headed back to the car park and was quite suprised at the lack of Canada Geese, there was loads last time and I only counted 4 today. There was the usual gulls and Jackdoors about so all in all a very productive trip.


  1. Lovely birds GC grebes. Love the header pic by the way.

  2. Your right about the Goldeneye, there was a dozen.

  3. The header photo was taken last year at the Washington Wild Fowl park. My Hubby insists he took it but I did, and after all I'm always right. hehe