Sunday, 19 April 2009

From my window ( 10 minutes)

I was sitting looking out of my front window this afternoon when a flash of colour caught my eye. I ran for my binoculars only to find the bird I was interested in had flown away by the time I had found them and my bird guide. I sat a few minutes and was quite amazed at the variety of birds flying about the street. First of all, I have been watching a pair of Sparrows nesting in the gutter of the house opposite so armed with my binoculars I managed to watch the pair come and go for quite a while.
Next on the scene was a Collared Dove who perched on the arial soon to be chased away by a Male Blackbird who was obviously trying to attract the attention of the female on the other roof. I caught sight of a Dunnock who sat for a while on the fence and then that was soon followed by a Goldfinch. Stunning little bird I must say and a tick, it perched on the roof for long enough for me to identify it so I was very pleased. Starlings have been seen flitting here and there very active in the street at the moment and a constant visitor to my garden. The female Blackbird decided that she wasn't interested in the Male and flew down to the tree, I was just about to get up when a greenfinch made an appreance, so all in all not bad for 10 minutes watching. The House Martins who normally nest in out street haven't turned up yet and wonder if they will as the field that they normally get their mud has been drained and houses has started to go up, bloody shame if you ask me the field was a haven for many birds and animals soon it will be another housing estate.
I hope my neighbours don't think I'm stalking them!


  1. my garden list today tit,great tit,dunnock,starlings,house sparrows,pair of blackbirds, magpie and a carrion crow...but i saw a barn owl on the way to work this morning

  2. I am yet to see any type of owl in the wild despite looking at the usual spots at Cresswell and Druridge, one day

  3. i saw a barn owl at Druridge only the other was sitting on the bank beside the big pool...around 7am in the morning