Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Help Needed

Monday was a very busy day at Wallington Hall and I was pleased we visited the wildlife hide early. It was a very busy feeding station with Red Squirrels foraging on the ground and a lot of different birds using the hanging feeders. I need someone to identify a bird I saw and managed to photograph. At first I thought it was a Greenfinch and maybe it is but the photo shows what I think to be a Greenfinch at the back of the feeder so I was confused. Despite looking through my bird guides I am no further forward. Please leave a comment if you can identify the 3 birds on the feeder, and have a laugh at my poor identification skills hehehe. Other sightings included Blue Tit, Great Tit, Chaffinch and Bullfinch. A pheasant hung around for while pecking below the feeders before heading off into the trees. On our walk around the grounds I managed to spot a Grey Wagtail which is a tick for me so I was very excited, unfortunately it was to far away for a clear photo. Robins were spotted along with Mallard Ducks, a lone Canada Goose and Moorhen which were on the ponds. I heard a Woodpecker but despite searching for it my daughter and I were not lucky enough to spot it, mybe next time, we did get a glimpse of a Nuthatch which is another one of my favourites. Bank Holidays is not a good time to watch birds in popular places ... too many people and screaming kids or maybe I'm just getting old!


  1. The three birds are female Chaffinch if you compare with the males you'll see that they have same wingbars and generally look the same structurally but are green/grey rather than pink/brown like the males.

  2. What you have there is three female chaffinches and a nice male greenfinch.... male greenfinches are generally brighter green than females and show more extensive yellow in the wings and tail than a female...

  3. Thanks, I looked in my bird book at Chaffinch and noticed the wing bars straight away, I will know next time, it's quite apparent that they are Chaffinch silly me, at least I can laugh at my self.
    Thanks again Alan and Newton Stringer.