Sunday, 12 April 2009

My Lost Hour - Seal Watching

I popped down to Newbiggin Beach which seems to be turning into my local patch and the Seal turned up again. haven't seen it since Boxing day but as the tide was coming in it popped it's head up and hung around for a short time. the photo is of the seal looking up just before it disapearaed. I had a super time watching it as Mike did his usual faffing about taking photos. Check out hisflickr site ( see what he gets up to while I'm bird watching. Other sightings included Oystercatchers, Redshank and Gulls. I'm not a gull expert but I did spot a couple of Black Backed Gulls on the rocks which were huge. These ones didn't bat an eyelid as the waves were crashing all around them. A cormorant flew by and started feeding just of the shore which was nice and the Heron was back perched on the rocks where the gulls were resting. Further along the beach we came across some very friendly Turnstone who were happy to get their photo taken, like this friendly chap on the right who stood for ages while Mike got his lens changed. Cute or what. Further along towards church point there was a couple of Eider Ducks bobbing along on the surf quite happily feeding and putting on a nice show, too far out for a photo but the binoculars were behaving thank goodness. All in all a very nice way to lose an hour even if it was just at Newbiggin.

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