Friday, 29 May 2009


Howick Hall was our pitstop today and after a lovely walk around the gardens we decided to pop to Howick Scar to see if we could see any nesting birds. Through my binoculars which as everyone knows are a bit dodgy I scanned the many nesting birds for any new 'ticks'. Mike spotted a Fulmar and we headed down the not too safe path to get a better look and hopefully a picture. I was happily snapping away when Mike pointed out that the birds I was photographing were not Fulmars ......oops another bloomer. I think the birds above are 'Common Gulls' if I'm wrong then please let me know. Any way I was determined to get a shot of the Fulmars which Mike was pointing out all over the cliff but which eluded my binoculars and camera. I perservered and continued to scan the cliffs and Yipee a Fulmar at last. Patience definitely paid dividends this week and once I knew what I was looking for there was a few pairs dotted about.

I plan to spend an afternoon there very soon with new binoculars and scope ( at last) and bigger lens for the camera.


  1. There are fulmars at Cresswell.
    Travelling from Lynemouth, the very first small car park, just before the caravan park and next to the yellow brick house on the corner.
    Walk down to the sea, scan the cliffs along the road. You will see them nesting.
    You can also see them flying along side the same road (seaward side).
    Also of interest in that area, is the small copper butterfly.

  2. The other birds are Kittiwakes Michelle. They make a great noise don't they.

  3. Thanks St I will check out Cresswell this weekend. Thanks Alan... I take comfort in knowing that Kittiwakes and Common Gulls are commonly confused (acording to my bird book)and they are really pretty birds the pure white was playing havock with the camera at least the Fulmar was right, I'm getting better hehe

  4. Michelle, you should have said you were coming and I would have been able to help out! If you just stand on the cliff tops where you were Fulmars are constantly buzzing back and forward on rigid wings. If you listen to the kittiwakes they shout 'kitti - wake kitti-wake' constantly. They are even doing it tonight at 10.30pm....


  5. Thanks Stewart, we will let you know next time we are coming your way