Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Crazy but True

Unfortunately my sister was in hospital yesterday due to a fall from a horse and I was driving along the spine road to Wansbeck Hospital when a Swift flew right in front of the car, it's sickle shaped wings were instantly identified and I just shouted 'ohh YES thats a Swift' (tick) Crazy I know but it put a smile on my face and I realised then, thats why I like birding, because It was great to see such a wonderful bird and get pleasure from seeing it...fab. Still no House Martins in the street which is a bloody shame, I thought we were in a recesion.. why build more luxury houses and deny these lovely birds their habitat.


  1. In answer to your scope query i'm a little out of touch, but if it were me I would push the boat out for as good a scope as I could manage. I believe you get what you pay for so again I would stick to the better known brands even if you have to go secondhand. (leica,swarvoski,Kowa, Opticron) all long established reputable companies that deliver good quality product. Had a quick look on ebay check these items:



  2. Thanks Alan, will check out ebay and may pop to a shop at the weekend to test weight ect.

  3. Michelle, Alan is spot on. Stick to either Swarovski or Leica scopes and you can't go wrong. Better get a second hand one of these than a new one of the cheaper makes for the same price...Check out Ace Cameras on Google for used scopes...I have bought from them and they are a reliable firm.

  4. ive just bought a scope so i have a nikon lying about that you can borrow and try out.

    CAn let you compare it with my other erm 3 *cough* scopes so you get an idea of differences in models/price ranges.

    let me knnow if you think thats of use.

  5. Thanks for all your comments, will let you all know what I decide
    thanks again