Friday, 1 May 2009

House Sparrows update

I have been off work all week following a car accident, whiplash and stuff not too pleasant but the perfect opportunity to bird watch from my chair in the living room. The House Sparrows that have decided to nest in my neighbours gutter seem to be doing well and must have chicks as both parents have been seen on a regular basis darting in and out of the gutter, I have had quite a nice time just watching them. I haven't seen the Goldfinch this week but there has been plenty of Dunnocks, Great Tits, Starling and Black Birds in the garden and on the feeders.
With the weather being nice this evening and my arm and neck not so bad we decided to pop to Cresswell to see if we could see any owls....not an owl to be seen and the beach was surprisingly devoid of birds. I did watch some gulls out to sea for a while but they were too far out to identify and I had a short debate with Mike about whether the blobs on the water were Scoter. When Mike was taking photos of the sea and stuff, a couple of Ringed Plover landed just in front of us which was a great thrill and then on the way back to the car a Wheatear was startled and flew right in front of us...a tick fantastic...and I didn't even have to look it up in my book so I must be getting better. Reading the blogs and seeing the photos people take is paying off.

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