Tuesday, 24 February 2009

'Where's that darn bird?'

I thought I would share a funny story from last summer.....my 14 year old cat Purdie who is getting a bit old and doddery could hear a bird chirping and she was desperately trying to find it. She sat for a good few minutes trying to decide which tree the noise was coming from, I could see from the window that the Black bird was getting more and more agitated by her presence
in the garden and started to squawk loudly .
After about 5 minutes the bird had decided enough was enough and started flapping about and dive bombing her all the time squawking loudly. She finally got the message and turned around and meowed at the bird as if to say 'stop bothering me can't you see I'm busy'!. She's not the sharpest tool in the box!, just as well for theBlack bird as he sucessfuly nested in the tree and raised 2 broods of chicks. I wonder if he will return this year!

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