Sunday, 15 March 2009

Newbiggin Beach

I popped over to Newbiggin Beach this afternoon with my husband who ended up being my personal photographer because apparently the sky was too flat for photographs what ever that means!!!!!. Also tagging along was my lesser spotted teenager who was constantly whinging in my ear, but overall it was good to get out and about again. My sightings today included; Redshank this one just around the corner from Church Point, Black Headed Gulls, Herring Gulls and a couple of Cormorants just off the shore. I was delighted when I thought I had identified a Snipe through my not so good binoculars and was busy looking through my bird guide when it flew away. To my horror when we got back and down loaded the images I was proved wrong once again and the bird was deinately not a Snipe but a most fabulous Curlew. Never mind I was wrong this time but at least I had a good time trying to look through my binoculars whilst balancing my bird guide on my knee and in my defence it was quite far away. All you experienced birders are probably having a hoot at my expense but well I laugh with you because I have made some blunders and no doubt will make loads more.

Other sightings included a Heron, I have seen a Heron on this stretch of beach once before so it obviously likes it here and I am sure I saw a Turnstone just of the shore on a rock. Didn't get a good look and the photo didn't come out but last time I was at Newbiggin was on Boxing Day and I identified my very first Turnstone just around the corner from Church Point, so I am pretty sure of this one. Back to work on Monday, can't wait till the Easter holidays when I plan to get out and about a lot more.


  1. Laughing with you rather than at you, anyone that can spend twenty minutes watching a carrier bag convinced it's a Snowy Owl (me) shouldn't comment on others identification ability.
    There were lots of Turnstones on the beach north of Church Point this morning. Next time your down check the beach to the south for Mediterranean Gulls, there have been up to ten.

  2. Thanks Alan will do, I often look for them but notr seen any as yet!

  3. I just stumbled across you blog and had fun reading it. I am busy writing up my life list and being reminded of the early days of birding when I would see some birds and have to page almost through half the book just to find it. I also saw a Redshank today, half way round the world from you. For us it's a rare bird.

  4. I'm still very new at identifying birds and spend 1/2 my time flicking through my bird guide, but it's fun and although I am wrong sometimes it a fantastic buzz when I get it right. Thanks for your comment.

  5. No problem. I think you will find that you will miss these early days of birding one day. When you can discover new, challenging birds nearby. I think most experienced birders will tell you that. That's not to say that it doesn't stay good. It just changes. It becomes harder to find new things, new challenges. I am off to count birds this morning at Swakopmund's River Mouth. It's exciting. The river, which flows to the ocean only once every few years has reached the Atlantic recently. This is going to be our first monthly count since that. It's all new!

  6. AM often over newbiggin for bit of birding.

    YEsterday there was a single purple sandpiper on beacon point. 15+ common scotter offshore.

    WOUld be happy to show you a few local spots, if interested. I live not far from Woodhorn COlliery.