Saturday, 21 February 2009

Druridge pond

Popped over to one of the ponds at Druridge today as I had a spare hour or so when my daughter was out at her art club and sightings included:
Lapwing (huddled together on the banks)
Black Headed Gulls
Magpies and
Shoveler ( my very first sighting so very excited) and
Widgeon these cute ducks were all walking behind each other in a line and seemed to be on a mission, not quite sure what though.

On the way back which was after about 30 minutes because it was freezing I saw some Eider Ducks off the shore at Cresswell. Sat in the car and watched them swim out for a while whilst my hubby complained that I was a 'fair weather birder' hehehe. I think I will invest in some sort of spotting scope as my binoculars are a bit temperamental as some times no matter what I do I see double. Back to work on Monday after a nice week off so birding will probably take a back seat for a while.

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  1. I read that Aldi occasionally have an offer on a Spotting Scope for 26.99. The quality is obviously not brilliant but perhaps a good starter without spending too much.