Sunday, 23 January 2011

Forgotten Tick

I haven't been able to use my lap top for a while due to a problem with the wireless connection but after receiving a new box last week I'm happy to report I'm up and running again.

Hunting through some old photos I came across this delightful bird which I had totally forgotten about. It was taken down near Castle Island on the River Wansbeck 23rd June 2009 and I believe it to be a Lesser White Throat which takes my all time list to 112.

Delighted to add this beauty to my list and all though I remember being hassled by the flies this little cracker didn't seem to mind.


  1. Hi Michelle, sorry to remove your hard won new bird, but the one in the photo is a Common Whitethroat. Lessers are grey on the back and wings, same as the head. They very rarely sit on top of bushes like that, but clamber arond below the top stuttering their rattling song...
    They are quite tricky to connect with without some homework...Stewart.

  2. Hi Stewart
    Thanks for that, still a tick because I didn't have any White Throats on my list at all, so pleased it;s a tick and also the fact that I thought it was a White throat, just not quite the right one.
    Much appreciated as always

  3. Delightful birds all the same...I wish they were singing again. Welcome back.