Monday, 7 February 2011

A little help needed (again)

I've been off work for a while with a virus and I have had plenty of time to look through my old bird photo's and come across some smashing little blighters including this one taken at Cresswell in June 2009.
To many a trained eye it is a simple task to identify this little beauty, but as many of you know by now I am not as skilled in that department as I would like and more often get things muddled and wrong.
So here goes and yes you can laugh at my deductions if you so desire.....
The photo was taken at Creswell where there are lots of reeds....I don't think it's a female Reed Bunting because of the beak shape and the lack of streaks. My next guess would be a different sort of Reed dwelling bird so I looked up a Reed Warbler and Sedge Warbler and came to the conclusion that because of the plain brown colouring it is most probably a Reed Warbler. If it is then its a Tick for me as it's not on my list.
Even if I am completely wrong it doesn't matter it's still a lovely little bird which has filled in an hour or so on what seems to be endless days of attempting to get better.
Any suggestions would be most welcome


  1. Nearly there Michelle, this one is a Sedge Warbler; look at the big flaring supercilium behind the eye and the creamy edges/dark centres to the tertials and coverts on the wing. Reed Warblers are much plainer and generally have a smaller supercilium in front of the eye.

  2. Thanks Alan, not a new tick as one was pointed out to me whilst on holiday but still a cracking little bird.

  3. Michelle,
    Cresswell is a good place for Sedge Warblers. Some species can be difficult to see never mind I.D. when you do see them. May i suggest you invest in a C.D. of birdsong. If you had heard the bied in question you would have known straight away that it was a Sedge Warbler. Listening to the C.D. at first can be a bit daunting as there seems to be so much to take in but if you focus on the more common birds to start with and also if you are going to a site like the coast for example check out the waders you will be suprised what you pick up. Take it with you in the car and listen to it instead of the radio occasionally.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments. We do live in a beautiful place and im so lucky that i have a great job which makes life so much easier. If your up at the farnes sometime then just give me a shout.