Sunday, 29 March 2009

2 Ticks today

After the blustery day yesterday we decided to visit the ponds in the local area starting off at Lynemouth where we were lucky enough to see 2 shelducks, Black headed Gulls, Redshank, and Pied Wagtails. Just off the pond shore line there was at least 20 Jackdaw so we had a good start to the day. Further along the road we spotted what Mike thought was a Kesterel perched on a pole at the side of the road but I thought it was a bit on the large side so a heated debated followed. It flew away before I could get my bird guide out, pitty it didn't hover over the filed that would of sorted it out, never mind. We saw a few Stonechats along the way which was nice.
We drove along the coast to Druridge beach where I was lucky enough to identifify (tick number 1) Sanderlings dashing in and out of the water. Mike managed to get a photo and I think these are the funniest little birds. The photo shows just a handful of the 50 or so that were on the shore line. A definate favorite and very surprised they hung around for so long considering I was just about jumping up and down with excitement. If these little birds are not Sanderlings please leave a commet otherwise I will never learn hehhe.
Next we headed to the 2 hides at Druridge where we saw a Lapwing, a Heron a few Teal and Wigeon. There was a few Mallards and to my delight we spotted a couple of Robin bobbing about in the bushes. We were extremely lucky to see the Otter and sat quite happily watching it for a good 20 minutes or so. It was a treat to see and I am still buzzing from the excitement. My 14 year old lesser spotted teenager who stayed at home today was gutted to of missed out on the opportunity to see this wonderful mammal and is extremely gealous. We will undoubtedly return in the next few weeks.
I thought our day was coming to an end when we decided to check out Linton Ponds, a place we have never been to before and less than a 5 minute drive from my house. I was pleasently surprised to find loads of birds, ducks and Swans on the ponds. The list begins with a few Coots and quite a few Moorhens on the little island and the Tuffted Ducks diving here and there. There was quite a few Gulls on the shore and a couple of Mute Swans swimming by themselves. Canada Geese were plentiful and to my delight (tick number 2) a lonesome Barnacle Goose which was swimming with the Greylags. I did have to look twice and consult my bird guide and there it was, a definate tick so my day was complete. We headed home after a cracking day.


  1. That Barnacle Goose is probably the same one that was lurking at Bothal Pond earlier in the week.

  2. Oh yes they are Sanderlings. If you find any running in clock work fashion in May they look like a different species! Nice rusty summer plumaged things speckled grey and black...