Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Lots of Wanderings

Update on Garden birds - Abundance of Sparrow chicks, Starlings and a few Blackbird. The occassional Wren and Dunnock come to visit and Pigeon and Doves make a regular apperance.

We have had a few trips out and about - Roseberry Topping a few weeks ago was a fab day, I heard my very first Cuckoo which was a delight, lots of Bluetits in the woods and Skylarks were quite bold perching on fences. Jackdaw were nesting on the clifs and were swooping quite close to where we were sitting recovering from the heat and tiring walk. Great day out though.

A short trip to Walkworth and was delighted to see a Redwing, didn;t manage a good photo but a cracking little bird. A Dipper was seen along with Heron, Mallard, Wren Gulls and a Blackcap.

Gibside was another cracking afternoon out with Redkite being spotted quite a few times patrolling it's territory. Along the river we watched a family of Grey wagtails, parents frantically feeding 2 chicks who looked big enough to fend for them selves but were quite happy for mum and dad to do all the work. A couple of young Dippers were seen which was great, one of my favourite birds.

I'll post some photo's once I have them sorted, back to work and a hectic schedule as normal.


  1. Redwing? Michelle, when was this as Redwing are winter visitors that very occasionaly stay and breed in summer, though that would be a very rare occurrence. Some late birds are recorded early May still to move north so if you are certain I would be interested in details.

  2. Hello Alan
    In my note book I had written Redring, Swan VFJ and as it was a few days ago I thought it meant I had seen a Redwing and a Swan. Sorry to say I made a blunder there and actually just saw a Swan with a Redring on it's leg with the letters VFJ. I made a note becuse Mike and I were going to do some research but haven't got around to it yet. In my haste to get everything down I'm sorry to say I didn;t actually see a Redwing.
    You must of been very excited and I'm just a doddery old fool who can't understand her writing.
    Sorry again