Sunday, 2 May 2010

Wandering around Northumberland

Yesterday saw hubby and I head off to Langley and surrounding area for a bit of a road trip. Spotted my first Swallows of the season and there was an abundance of Martins feeding low over the fields just after the rain showers. Mike spotted a Sparrow Hawk attacking a smaller bird but was unsuccessful at bagging a meal. After a pit stop and bacon sandwich we headed back via very small country roads and spotted a male Redstart on a fence post. By the time we got the camera out it was out of range but I got a cracking view through my binoculars. It was a tick for me so a very nice day so far. We decided to park up next to the hedgerow and wait to see if it returned, but unfortunately it didn;t but lots of Tits including Long Tailed tits were flitting here and there.

I spotted this cracking little bird gathering nesting material on a near by bush. Out came the camera and bird book and after several minutes of debate I came up with the conclusion it is a Willow Warbler. I also thought it was a Chiffchaff at first but then spotted the brown legs, so my un-educated guess is a Willow Warbler. Of course any suggestions are more than welcome. Either way it's another tick for me so I'm really pleased we headed out in the rain and drizzle.
Another road trip on Monday is on the agenda, it's nice just to head off and see where you end up.


  1. You can't beat a road trip with no particular destination in mind can you? Can't help with the ID, I'm afraid I have to admit that I struggle with the Chiffchaff/Warblers too, Linda

  2. Spot on there Michelle. The yellowish eyestripe and flank sides, plus the lighter leg colour make the bird look like a Willow Warbler to me too. Thats a tricky pair you have sorted out there...Chiffs tend to look a bit scruffier than WWs too? Just a thought that the books dont mention...

  3. Yeah I got one right. I think it's a cracking little bird and a real delight to see.
    Thanks for your comments

  4. 盛年不再來,一日難再晨;及時當勉勵,歲月不待人..............................