Saturday, 9 January 2010

What a delight

I have been feeding the birds everyday and my garden species to date are, Robin, Great Tit, Black Bird, Song Thrush, Dunnock, Blue Tit, Gull,Wren, House Sparrow and Chaffich. To my delight a large bird came to enjoy the apple this afternoon and I new immediately that it was not an ordinary bird that I have seen visit before. Brief description - Large, long tail with white edges, upright stance , spotted chest - Mistle Thrush. Such a delight and although I thought it may be a big song Thrush the white tail edges in flight gave it away. A tick for me and I hope it visits again.


  1. I think it will come back if food is put out ( apples grapes etc) and it will beat up everything else nearby! Might be a time to put out its own private feeding area away from the others.... :)

  2. HI Stewart
    You were right about the Mistle Thrush, bit of a bully scaring the other birds away so I will be putting another feeder out this week. Still nice to see it in the garden