Thursday, 7 January 2010

Highs and Laughs

It's been just over a year since I started birding and thought I would share a few highs and laughs with you.
My biggest high was at the very beginning when Mike and I went to Bolam Lake to try out our new walking boots. We were on the wooden Jetty and I identified a Golden Eye, I was so excited I was jumping up and down and nearly fell in, I must of looked a right plonker but the birds didn't mind.
Another one of my highs was at Hauxley Nature reserve last January and in the little hide we spotted a couple of Dunnocks and I fell in love with these little birds right there and then. They are now one of my favourite garden birds and am very pleased when one comes to my feed in my garden.
I have had loads of laughs whilst out birding trying to ID them and get photo's, Screeming at Mike to stop car and get the camera. The biggest laugh was at Druridge bay and up the little path at the end of the road are some ponds and I stopped dead in my tracks as there was a large white thing at the side of the pond. I sank down into the grass pulling Mike with me so I didn't scare it away and got out the binoculars .....only to find it was a carrier bag and not some exotic bird after all.
Another high was at Howick last February where I saw some Eider Ducks for the first time, at the time I didn't know we had sea ducks and these are fab with the males being very impressive. I could go on for ever, Dunlin, Turnstone, Teal, Siskin (new ID) Stonechat, Long Tailed Tit, Sanderlings, Nuthatch were all exciting finds and when I spotted the difference between a Mute Swan and a Whooper Swan well that was something special for me.
There have been no low points on my birding expeditions as every day something catches my eye, be it a common Robin or exotic Glossy Ibis it doesn't matter, it is a thrill to share a few moments of their lives and just watch.


  1. I haven't been birding very long myself and can appreciate all your discoveries. Personally i just enjoy being out and about and watching these fantastic creatures. I have a confession......i've done the white plastic bag thing on more than one occasion. The Tesco ones are my favourites.
    But seriously i HATE seeing any litter, makes the old blood boil.
    Keep on blogging as i always enjoy your posts.

  2. Litter louts are awful people who care nothing for the places they visit or live. The best part of birding apart from the birds is the quiet and calm I feel when out and about. Priceless

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