Wednesday, 17 August 2011

1/2 hour at Druridge

Whilst my lesser Spotted Teenager and her boyfriend walked along the sands at Druridge today I popped to the hide for a 1/2 hour bird watching to see if anything new was around, and boy was I not dissapointed. A Marsh Harrier was pointed out to me in the far field through my binoculars I got a cracking view. Pity it was to far away for my camera to get a shot but never mind a tick for me. At first I thought it was a Buzzard but the pale head was a dead give away, beautiful.
Also spotted were Coot, Moorhen, the two Mute Swans with 2 young, lots of Tufted Ducks and Mallards. Swallows were flying here and there and also numerous Sand Martins. Just before I headed back a couple of Heron flew by, 2 Common Sandpipers made an apperance and I spotted a couple of Little Grebe. All in all a cracking 1/2 and hour. I didn't manage to get an decent photo's but these Moths / Butterflies took my fancy along the idea what they are but pretty pleased with the quality of the shots.


  1. Both are Butterflies

    Top one is either Small White or Green Veined White its not easy to tell the difference just from the top

    The Bottom One is a Peacock

    Chris B

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