Thursday, 2 June 2011

Oban 1

Having a fab few days in Oban, Loch Etive has thrown us some Red Breasted Merganser, Mallard and some Gulls. Boat Trip to Corryvechan Whirlpool was great, got soaking wet but saw Kittiwake, Gannets, Guillemot and a tick for Black Guillemot, Red Deer on Jura, wild goats and Bottle Nose Dolphins. Also got a glimpse of an Osprey. Their nest has been destroyed in the gales that have been buffeting the west coast of Scotland. The Sea Eagles haven't managed to hang onto their nest either. Eider ducks and Oystercatchers seen on all loch shores and although on the look out for big raptors the mist is too low. Maybe today we will fair a bit better. Heading to Glen Coe and back to Oban for Tea. Black Guillemots in the Harbour so must remember my camera.
Got some photo's of the Mergansers and will try and post the pictures soon.

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