Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Grumpy Birders

My sister (complete birding novice) and I popped to Cresswell today to see if the Avocets were about and to our delight 2 were asleep on the sandbank. Also bobbing about were Teal, Coot, Lapwiong, several Cormorant, Shelduck, Tufted Duck, a few Widgeon, Oystercatchers and Greylag Geese all in plenty of numbers. A Ring Plover dropped by for a short while and a few Heron were dotted about.

There were a few experienced birders in the hide today and were having a good time discussing what they kept seeing popping up from the grass, when my sister and I popped over to see what all the fuss was about they shut up and didn't move so we couldn't see but hay ho some people are just grumpy. HAHA they missed a fab photo opportunity of this cracking (what I think is a ) Sedge Warbler

After pointing out a few birds we headed to Druridge bay where we had the right side hide to ourselves and no grumpy people to bother us. Pretty quite on the pond with Tuffted Ducks, Mallards, Coot, Moorhen and Geese dotted about. We came across this Grumpy Greylag Goose chasing away what I first thought were Red Breasted Mergansers but on closer inspection I beleive them to be Goosander. The bill has a hook at the end where as the Mergansers have what looks to be a longer bill and straight. I've only ID'd a Goosander once before so a cracking find although they are quite common.

We popped into the left hand side hide and immediately saw some type of wader on the far side of the flash, scanning my book as well as trying to keep them in view was no easy task, they were far away but I tried desperately to get a picture but all I got was a brown smudge. A guy popped in for 5 minutes and said he thought they were a couple of Ruff, but he wasnt sure, pitty would of been a tick if I could of gotten a possitive ID. Never mind might pop back at the weekend and see if they are still hanging about.

Cracking afternoon and my sister is hooked.


  1. Now all your sister has to do is become miserable and she will make a fine birder.

  2. A great post Michelle. I have 35 years birding experience, have been on the county records committe and found a few good rare and scarce species over the years, but I still get bugged by miserable sods with no time to talk to you.

    You keep doing exactly as you are, enjoy your birds as you clearly do, and ignore the rest. If you sicken of birders attitudes you can always become an recluse like me! I head for spots without other grumpy birders just to see what I can turn up for myself.

    I see your skills are coming on well too, the goosanders are a very good call in that immature plumage...

    Cheers again Stewart.

  3. There were two ruff at druridge yesterday. Good ID because they can be tricky. Hope you find we're not all grumpy.

    David E

  4. Good call on both the ruff and goosanders Michelle!

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